Kotlin/JS 动手实践实验室

Hands-on labs are long-form tutorials that help you get to know a technology by guiding you through a self-contained project related to a specific topic.

They include sample projects, which can serve as jumping-off points for your own projects, and contain useful snippets and patterns.

For Kotlin/JS, the following hands-on labs are currently available:

  • Building Web Applications with React and Kotlin/JS guides you through the process of building a simple web application using the React framework, shows how a typesafe Kotlin DSL for HTML makes it convenient to build reactive DOM elements, and illustrates how to use third-party React components, and how to obtain information from APIs, while writing the whole application logic in pure Kotlin/JS.
  • Building a Full Stack Web App with Kotlin Multiplatform teaches the concepts behind building an application that targets Kotlin/JVM and Kotlin/JS by building a client-server application that makes use of common code, serialization, and other multiplatform paradigms. It also provides a brief introduction into working with Ktor both as a server- and client-side framework.

We are continuously working on expanding the set of hands-on labs to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more about Kotlin/JS and adjacent technologies.