Kotlin/JS 范例

This is a curated list of Kotlin/JS samples.

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Sample name Popular libraries Description Features npm dependencies Project type Tests UI Components
full-stack-spring-collaborative-todo-list-sample Spring, React, ktor-client-js, Rsocket, kotlinx:kotlinx-serialization-json A collaborative to-do list written with Kotlin/JS, Spring, and RSocket
  • RSocket
  • A fullstack web app for Spring and React
  • Multiplatform full-stack application - -
    react-redux-js-ir-todo-list-sample React, Redux An implementation (translation) of the React Redux to-do list example project in Kotlin/JS
  • RingUI for Kotlin components
  • Redux for state management
  • Frontend web app - RingUI
    full-stack-web-jetbrains-night-sample kotlin-react, kotlinx-serialization, kotlinx-coroutines, Ktor (client, server) A feed containing user-generated posts and comments. All data is stubbed by the fakeJSON and JSON Placeholder services
  • expect/actual declarations
  • modular architecture
  • npm dependencies
  • Multiplatform full-stack application - RingUI