Kotlin 吉祥物

Meet the official Kotlin mascot!

Kotlin mascot

It doesn't have a name yet, but you can help us! Submit your name ideas using this form.

Even though we can’t say its name yet, we can definitely tell a few things about it. It:

  • Is dynamic, motivated, and adventurous.
  • Is rational and practical.
  • Can be a bit childish.
  • Is open-minded and a little bit hip.
  • Is an erudite, intelligent, and curious problem solver.

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Choosing a name

Let’s choose the name for the Kotlin mascot together. Submit your ideas via this form. We will make a list of the most promising ideas and hold a vote to choose the best one. Stay tuned!

Tips and principles

Engineered proportions

Our mascot is a robotic creature with clear, stable, and symmetric proportions that capture its personality.

Kotlin mascot proportions

Kotlin mascot proportions


The mascot is dynamic, positive, and adventurous, which generally makes its movements nimble, quick, and sharp. Keep this in mind when creating animations and dynamic compositions.

Kotlin mascot movements


There are two styles for our mascot – 2D and 3D. The vector mascot is generally used with a 3D background, while a 3D mascot is used on a flat background.

Kotlin mascot styles


Kotlin mascot colors

Light background: white (#FFFFFF), black (#000000), light grey (#BFBFBF)
Neutral background: white (#FFFFFF), black (#000000)
Dark background: white (#FFFFFF), black (#000000), dark grey (#7D7D7D)

Guidelines for use


Use the mascot anywhere you think it fits — in your blog post and videos, on swag, anywhere you can imagine. Below you can find some ideas, but feel free to experiment!

Kotlin mascot usage examples


  • Use high-quality images. Download the file that contains them.


  • Change the proportions
  • Change the colors
  • Use a low contrast background

Kotlin mascot misuses