Kotlin/Native 目标平台支持

The Kotlin/Native compiler supports a great number of different targets, though it is hard to provide the same level of support for all of them. This document describes which targets Kotlin/Native supports and breaks them into several tiers depending on how well the compiler supports them.

We can adjust the number of tiers, the list of supported targets, and their features as we go.

Mind the following terms used in tier tables:

  • Gradle target name is a target preset that is used in the Kotlin Multiplatform Gradle plugin to enable the target.
  • Target triple is a target name according to the <architecture>-<vendor>-<system>-<abi> structure that is commonly used by compilers.
  • Running tests indicates out of the box support for running tests in Gradle and IDE.

    This is only available on a native host for the specific target. For example, you can run macosX64 and iosX64 tests only on macOS x86-64 host.

Tier 1

Gradle target name Target triple Running tests Description
Apple macOS hosts only:
macosX64 x86_64-apple-macos Apple macOS on x86_64 platforms
macosArm64 aarch64-apple-macos Apple macOS on Apple Silicon platforms
iosSimulatorArm64 aarch64-apple-ios-simulator Apple iOS simulator on Apple Silicon platforms
iosX64 x86_64-apple-ios-simulator Apple iOS simulator on x86-64 platforms

Tier 2

Gradle target name Target triple Running tests Description
linuxX64 x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu Linux on x86_64 platforms
linuxArm64 aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu Linux on ARM64 platforms
Apple macOS hosts only:
watchosSimulatorArm64 aarch64-apple-watchos-simulator Apple watchOS simulator on Apple Silicon platforms
watchosX64 x86_64-apple-watchos-simulator Apple watchOS 64-bit simulator on x86_64 platforms
watchosArm32 armv7k-apple-watchos Apple watchOS on ARM32 platforms
watchosArm64 arm64_32-apple-watchos Apple watchOS on ARM64 platforms with ILP32
tvosSimulatorArm64 aarch64-apple-tvos-simulator Apple tvOS simulator on Apple Silicon platforms
tvosX64 x86_64-apple-tvos-simulator Apple tvOS simulator on x86_64 platforms
tvosArm64 aarch64-apple-tvos Apple tvOS on ARM64 platforms
iosArm64 aarch64-apple-ios Apple iOS and iPadOS on ARM64 platforms

We're doing our best to move iosArm64 to Tier 1, as it's a crucial target for Kotlin Multiplatform. To do that, we need first to create a dedicated testing infrastructure because platform limitations make it difficult to run compiler tests on Apple devices.

Meanwhile, we sometimes run tests manually on iOS devices and rely on testing similar targets, like iosSimulatorArm64, which should be sufficient in most cases.

Tier 3

  • The target is not guaranteed to be tested on CI.
  • We can't promise a source and binary compatibility between different compiler releases, though such changes for these targets are quite rare.
Gradle target name Target triple Running tests Description
androidNativeArm32 arm-unknown-linux-androideabi Android NDK on ARM32 platforms
androidNativeArm64 aarch64-unknown-linux-android Android NDK on ARM64 platforms
androidNativeX86 i686-unknown-linux-android Android NDK on x86 platforms
androidNativeX64 x86_64-unknown-linux-android Android NDK on x86_64 platforms
mingwX64 x86_64-pc-windows-gnu 64-bit MinGW on Windows 7 and later
Apple macOS hosts only:
watchosDeviceArm64 aarch64-apple-watchos Apple watchOS on ARM64 platforms

The linuxArm32Hfp target is deprecated and will be removed in future releases.

For library authors

We don't recommend library authors to test more targets or provide stricter guarantees than the Kotlin/Native compiler does. You can use the following approach when considering support for native targets:

  • Support all the targets from tier 1, 2, and 3.
  • Regularly test targets from tier 1 and 2 that support running tests out of the box.

The Kotlin team uses this approach in the official Kotlin libraries, for example, kotlinx.coroutines and kotlinx.serialization.