Kotlin 路线图

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下次更新时间 2023 年 12 月

欢迎来看 Kotlin 路线图!一窥 Kotlin 团队的工作重点。



  • K2 编译器: 重写 Kotlin 编译器,针对速度、并行性与统一性进行优化。 它还能让我们引入许多预期的语言特性。
  • K2-based IntelliJ plugin: much faster code completion, highlighting, and search, together with more stable code analysis.
  • Kotlin Multiplatform: promote the technology to Stable by improving the toolchain stability and documentation, and ensuring compatibility guarantees.
  • Experience of library authors: a set of documentation and tools helping to set up, develop, and publish Kotlin libraries.

以子系统划分的 Kotlin 路线图

To view the biggest projects we're working on, visit the YouTrack board or the Roadmap details table.

If you have any questions or feedback about the roadmap or the items on it, feel free to post them to YouTrack tickets or in the #kotlin-roadmap channel of Kotlin Slack (request an invite).

YouTrack 看板

Visit the roadmap board in our issue tracker YouTrack YouTrack

Roadmap board in YouTrack


子系统 当前聚焦

List of all upcoming language features

  • 🆕 Promote K2 compiler to Stable
  • 🆕 Support debugging inline functions on Android
  • 🆕 Promote Kotlin/Wasm to Alpha
  • 🆕 Make Kotlin/Wasm suitable for standalone Wasm VMs
  • 多平台
  • Promote Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile to Stable
  • Improve the new Kotlin/Native memory manager robustness and performance and deprecate the old one
  • Stabilize klib: make binary compatibility easier for library authors
  • Improve exporting Kotlin code to Objective-C
  • Improve Kotlin/Native compilation time
  • 工具
  • 🆕 Improve Kotlin build reports
  • First public release of K2-based IntelliJ plugin
  • Improve performance and code analysis stability of the current IDE plugin
  • Expose stable compiler arguments in Gradle DSL
  • Improve Kotlin scripting and experience with .gradle.kts
  • 库生态
  • 🆕 Provide initial series of kotlinx-io releases
  • Release kotlinx-metadata-jvm as Stable
  • Promote kotlinx-kover to Stable
  • Release Dokka as Stable
  • Ktor and Exposed roadmaps:

  • Ktor framework roadmap
  • Exposed library roadmap
    • This roadmap is not an exhaustive list of all things the team is working on, only the biggest projects.
    • There's no commitment to delivering specific features or fixes in specific versions.
    • We will adjust our priorities as we go and update the roadmap approximately every six months.

    相对 2022 年 12 月版的变化


    We've completed the following items from the previous roadmap:


    We've added the following items to the roadmap:


    We've removed the following items from the roadmap:

    Some items were removed from the roadmap but not dropped completely. In some cases, we've merged previous roadmap items with the current ones.


    All other previously identified roadmap items are in progress. You can check their YouTrack tickets for updates.