Java 注解处理对应到 KSP 参考

Program elements

Java Closest facility in KSP Notes
AnnotationMirror KSAnnotation
AnnotationValue KSValueArguments
Element KSDeclaration / KSDeclarationContainer
ExecutableElement KSFunctionDeclaration
PackageElement KSFile KSP doesn't model packages as program elements
Parameterizable KSDeclaration
QualifiedNameable KSDeclaration
TypeElement KSClassDeclaration
TypeParameterElement KSTypeParameter
VariableElement KSValueParameter / KSPropertyDeclaration


KSP requires explicit type resolution, so some functionalities in Java can only be carried out by KSType and the corresponding elements before resolution.

Java Closest facility in KSP Notes
ArrayType KSBuiltIns.arrayType
DeclaredType KSType / KSClassifierReference
ErrorType KSType.isError
ExecutableType KSType / KSCallableReference
IntersectionType KSType / KSTypeParameter
NoType KSType.isError N/A in KSP
NullType N/A in KSP
PrimitiveType KSBuiltIns Not exactly same as primitive type in Java
ReferenceType KSTypeReference
TypeMirror KSType
TypeVariable KSTypeParameter
UnionType N/A Kotlin has only one type per catch block. UnionType is also not observable by even Java annotation processors
WildcardType KSType / KSTypeArgument


Java Closest facility in KSP Notes
Name KSName
ElementKind ClassKind / FunctionKind
Modifier Modifier
NestingKind ClassKind / FunctionKind
ElementVisitor KSVisitor
AnnotatedConstruct KSAnnotated
TypeKind KSBuiltIns Some can be found in builtins, otherwise check KSClassDeclaration for DeclaredType
ElementFilter Collection.filterIsInstance
ElementKindVisitor KSVisitor
ElementScanner KSTopDownVisitor
SimpleAnnotationValueVisitor Not needed in KSP
SimpleElementVisitor KSVisitor
Types Resolver / utils Some of the utils are also integrated into symbol interfaces
Elements Resolver / utils


See how functionalities of Java annotation processing API can be carried out by KSP.


Java KSP equivalent
getAnnotationType ksAnnotation.annotationType
getElementValues ksAnnotation.arguments


Java KSP equivalent
getValue ksValueArgument.value


Java KSP equivalent
asType ksClassDeclaration.asType(...) is available for KSClassDeclaration only. Type arguments need to be supplied.
getAnnotation To be implemented
getAnnotationMirrors ksDeclaration.annotations
getEnclosedElements ksDeclarationContainer.declarations
getEnclosingElements ksDeclaration.parentDeclaration
getKind Type check and cast following ClassKind or FunctionKind
getModifiers ksDeclaration.modifiers
getSimpleName ksDeclaration.simpleName


Java KSP equivalent
getDefaultValue To be implemented
getParameters ksFunctionDeclaration.parameters
getReceiverType ksFunctionDeclaration.parentDeclaration
getReturnType ksFunctionDeclaration.returnType
getSimpleName ksFunctionDeclaration.simpleName
getThrownTypes Not needed in Kotlin
getTypeParameters ksFunctionDeclaration.typeParameters
isDefault Check whether parent declaration is an interface or not
isVarArgs ksFunctionDeclaration.parameters.any { it.isVarArg }


Java KSP equivalent
getTypeParameters ksFunctionDeclaration.typeParameters


Java KSP equivalent
getQualifiedName ksDeclaration.qualifiedName


Java KSP equivalent
getEnclosedElements ksClassDeclaration.declarations
getEnclosingElement ksClassDeclaration.parentDeclaration
getInterfaces ```kotlin // Should be able to do without resolution ksClassDeclaration.superTypes .map { it.resolve() } .filter { (it?.declaration as? KSClassDeclaration)?.classKind == ClassKind.INTERFACE } ```
getNestingKind Check KSClassDeclaration.parentDeclaration and inner modifier
getQualifiedName ksClassDeclaration.qualifiedName
getSimpleName ksClassDeclaration.simpleName
getSuperclass ```kotlin // Should be able to do without resolution ksClassDeclaration.superTypes .map { it.resolve() } .filter { (it?.declaration as? KSClassDeclaration)?.classKind == ClassKind.CLASS } ```
getTypeParameters ksClassDeclaration.typeParameters


Java KSP equivalent
getBounds ksTypeParameter.bounds
getEnclosingElement ksTypeParameter.parentDeclaration
getGenericElement ksTypeParameter.parentDeclaration


Java KSP equivalent
getConstantValue To be implemented
getEnclosingElement ksValueParameter.parentDeclaration
getSimpleName ksValueParameter.simpleName


Java KSP equivalent
getComponentType ksType.arguments.first()


Java KSP equivalent
asElement ksType.declaration
getEnclosingType ksType.declaration.parentDeclaration
getTypeArguments ksType.arguments


A KSType for a function is just a signature represented by the FunctionN<R, T1, T2, ..., TN> family.

Java KSP equivalent
getParameterTypes ksType.declaration.typeParameters, { it.type }
getReceiverType ksFunctionDeclaration.parentDeclaration.asType(...)
getReturnType ksType.declaration.typeParameters.last()
getThrownTypes Not needed in Kotlin
getTypeVariables ksFunctionDeclaration.typeParameters


Java KSP equivalent
getBounds ksTypeParameter.bounds


Java KSP equivalent
getKind Compare with types in KSBuiltIns for primitive types, Unit type, otherwise declared types


Java KSP equivalent
asElement ksType.declaration
getLowerBound To be decided. Only needed if capture is provided and explicit bound checking is needed.
getUpperBound ksTypeParameter.bounds


Java KSP equivalent
getExtendsBound ```kotlin if (ksTypeArgument.variance == Variance.COVARIANT) ksTypeArgument.type else null ```
getSuperBound ```kotlin if (ksTypeArgument.variance == Variance.CONTRAVARIANT) ksTypeArgument.type else null ```


Java KSP equivalent
getAllAnnotationMirrors KSDeclarations.annotations
getAllMembers getAllFunctions, getAllProperties is to be implemented
getBinaryName To be decided, see Java Specification
getConstantExpression There is constant value, not expression
getDocComment To be implemented
getElementValuesWithDefaults To be implemented
getName resolver.getKSNameFromString
getPackageElement Package not supported, while package information can be retrieved. Operation on package is not possible for KSP
getPackageOf Package not supported
getTypeElement Resolver.getClassDeclarationByName
hides To be implemented
isDeprecated ```kotlin KsDeclaration.annotations.any { it.annotationType.resolve()!!.declaration.qualifiedName!!.asString() == Deprecated::class.qualifiedName } ```
overrides KSFunctionDeclaration.overrides / KSPropertyDeclaration.overrides (member function of respective class)
printElements KSP has basic toString() implementation on most classes


Java KSP equivalent
asElement ksType.declaration
asMemberOf resolver.asMemberOf
boxedClass Not needed
capture To be decided
contains KSType.isAssignableFrom
directSuperTypes (ksType.declaration as KSClassDeclaration).superTypes
erasure ksType.starProjection()
getArrayType ksBuiltIns.arrayType.replace(...)
getDeclaredType ksClassDeclaration.asType
getNoType ksBuiltIns.nothingType / null
getNullType Depending on the context, KSType.markNullable could be useful
getPrimitiveType Not needed, check for KSBuiltins
getWildcardType Use Variance in places expecting KSTypeArgument
isAssignable ksType.isAssignableFrom
isSameType ksType.equals
isSubsignature functionTypeA == functionTypeB / functionTypeA == functionTypeB.starProjection()
isSubtype ksType.isAssignableFrom
unboxedType Not needed