Kotlin 多平台移动端范例

This is a curated list of cross-platform mobile projects created with Kotlin Multiplatform.

You can find even more sample projects on GitHub, see the kotlin-multiplatform-mobile topic.

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Sample name What's shared? Popular libraries used UI Framework iOS integration Platform APIs Tests Features
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Sample Algorithms - XML, SwiftUI Xcode build phases -
  • expect/actual declarations
  • KMM RSS Reader Models, Networking, Data Storage, UI State SQLDelight, Ktor, DateTime, multiplatform-settings, Napier, kotlinx.serialization Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI Xcode build phases -
  • Redux for sharing UI State
  • Published to Google Play and App Store
  • kmm-ktor-sample Networking Ktor, kotlinx.serialization, Napier XML, SwiftUI Xcode build phases - -
  • Video tutorial
  • todoapp Models, Networking, Presentation, Navigation and UI SQLDelight, Decompose, MVIKotlin, Reaktive Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI Xcode build phases -
  • 99% of the code is shared
  • MVI architectural pattern
  • Shared UI across Android, Desktop and Web via Compose Multiplatform
  • mpp-sample-lib Algorithms - - - -
  • Demonstrates how to create a multiplatform library (tutorial)
  • KaMPKit Models, Networking, Data Storage, ViewModels Koin, SQLDelight, Ktor, DateTime, multiplatform-settings, Kermit Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI CocoaPods - -
    PeopleInSpace Models, Networking, Data Storage Koin, SQLDelight, Ktor Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI CocoaPods, Swift Packages -

    Target list:

  • Android Wear OS
  • iOS
  • watchOS
  • macOS Desktop (Compose for Desktop)
  • Web (Compose for Web)
  • Web (Kotlin/JS + React Wrapper)
  • JVM
  • D-KMP-sample Networking, Data Storage, ViewModels, Navigation SQLDelight, Ktor, DateTime, multiplatform-settings Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI Xcode build phases -
  • Implements the MVI pattern and the unidirectional data flow
  • Uses Kotlin's StateFlow to trigger UI layer recompositions
  • Food2Fork Recipe App Models, Networking, Data Storage, Interactors SQLDelight, Ktor, DateTime Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI CocoaPods - - -
    Bookshelf Models, Networking, Data Storage Realm-Kotlin, Ktor, kotlinx.serialization Jetpack Compose, SwiftUI CocoaPods - -
  • Uses Realm for data persistence
  • Notflix Models, Networking, Caching, ViewModels Koin, Ktor, Multiplatform settings, kotlinx.coroutines, kotlinx.serialization, kotlinx.datetime, Napier Jetpack Compose-Android, Compose Multiplatform-Desktop - -
  • Modular architecture
  • Runs on desktop
  • Sharing viewmodel